About Us 


Our boutique, located in South West Ikoyi is a

cavern of treasures: from exquisite fresh blooms,

luxurious fragranced candles and gifts to unique

interior pieces, all carefully sourced and lovingly














The CLAYPOT Dining Club 


The Clay Pot Dining Club is an intimate social gathering for those who love to meet new people.

It is for those who love to share and learn new things.

The food is designed to explore the modernisation of African fine dining and drinking.













Bespoke Services


We exclusively offer Tokyo James bespoke services at No62 x WISH.















The Gift Shop


Our Keep My Calendar service will take note of your special dates i.e. birthdays, anniversaries and The Gift Concierge can assist you in carefully selecting, gift wrapping and delivering the items to your loved ones.












The Art Wall


​We feature a distinct array of work by local

artists and offer a high quality framing













Private Events


We’re available for private functions such as

lunch, dinner, tea, art talks and exhibitions

and or product launches. 

We are by appointment only to ensure that

one of our experienced consultants is

available to help you.














We are a by appointment only space to ensure

that one of our experienced consultants is on

hand to provide you undivided attention.








Contact us to utilize the space or if you’d like to attend the Clay Pot Dining Club